Textile industry in India has started gaining prominence in the national agenda right from early years of the independence. India has vast picturesque locations, age-old cultures and traditions, architectural heritage as well as large and relatively inexpensive manpower resources (skilled and Unskilled) suitable for deployment in this industry; yet, these resources – natural and Manpower – have not been exploited optimally in India. There is enormous potential for growth in the industry leading to significant socio-economic benefits for the population.


Karikkineth group of concerns is one of the oldest establishments in Central Travancore as far as finest silk, cotton and other new synthetic dress materials are concerned. Karikkineth was started in 1938 at Kaippattor, and that was only the forerunner of an extensive chain of Karikkineth shops spread across the state. You will now find Karikkineth in Pathanamthitta, Thiruvalla, Changanacherry, Adoor and Kaipattoor as well.

The promoter of the showroom at Changanacherry is a partnership firm known as KARIKKINETH SILK TOWER. Partners of this firm are:

Sri. K.C Varghese
Smt. Reena Varghese
Sri. M.I. Chandy
Sri P.D Mathew

The promoters hail from a reputed business family in Central Travancore. In 1938, the late Chandappilla Gevarghese started Karikkineth Stores at Kaippattoor.  With six decades of experience behind them, it was obviously a success story. The total turnover of the group has amounted to approximately Rs.5000Lakhs. List of other concerns under the group are furnished below:-

Sl. No. Name of the unit Location Status Year of establishment
1 Karikkineth Stores Kaippattor Partnership firm 1938
2 Karikkineth Textiles Pathanamthitta Partnership firm 1983
3 Karikkineth Thiruvalla Partnership firm


4 Karikkineth Fabrics Kaippattor Partnership firm


5 Karikkineth Pathanamthitta Partnership firm


6 Karikkineth Fabrics Adoor         Partnership firm 1999
7 Karikkineth Textiles Changanasserry Partnership firm 2000
8 Celestiam Thiruvalla Partnership firm 2005

The promoters (partners of the firm Karikkineth Silk Towers) are engaged in the business activities at various places. The partners are energetic, sincere, smart and efficient in managing their business concerns and are capable of carrying out its activities efficiently and successfully.  Under the able leadership and guidance of the partners the unit will be in a position to work profitable and successfully year after year. Karikkineth Silk Towers at Changanacherry will be an asset to the textile industry in the City with which the needs and requirements of the all categories of customers can be catered.

The involvement, participation and association of the partners are added strength and positive advantages of this Unit. Promoters include persons having experience ranging from more that 10 to 25 years and young persons with rich academic and theoretical knowledge with a modern vision. This is a perfect combination and sure formula for success. The management is the best, ideal and most effective that a project of this type needs.

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